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OK Soda 01
Image from boston.com

A friend sent me a link to this article on discontinued sodas this morning, where I discovered the incredibly cool packaging of short-lived OK Soda. Seeing something like this, that exemplifies how smart and well-designed food/beverage packaging can be, makes me even more depressed about the new Pepsi designs.

OK Soda 02
Image from popsop.ru

And even their manifesto is fun:

  1. What’s the point ok OK? Well, what’s the point of anything?
  2. OK Soda emphatically rejects anything that is not OK, and fully supports anything that is.
  3. The better you understand something, the more OK it turns out to be.
  4. OK Soda says, “Don’t be fooled into thinking there has to be a reason for everything.”
  5. OK Soda reveals the surprising truth about people and situations.
  6. OK Soda does not subscribe to any religion, or endorse any political party, or do anything other than feel OK.
  7. There is no real secret to feeling OK.
  8. OK Soda may be the preferred drink of other people such as yourself.
  9. Never underestimate the remarkable abilities of “OK” brand soda.
  10. Please wake up every morning knowing that things are going to be OK.”

Thanks Claudia!


  1. yay! someone to help me prove this once existed! I’m from Minnesota and it seems like people from other states think I’m crazy when I ask if they remember this. There really aren’t that many in MN who remember it either though. My brother loved the stuff though, he even made a lamp in shop class in middle school using the can as the base.

    I’m from New Hampshire, they sold cans of it in one small store in a town here. I was sad when they stopped making it. I have since bought full cans off ebay for $65.00 a piece just to keep for decoration :)

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