One Click Leads to Another

Alejandro Paul 01
The other day I was pointed to the Flickr account of Alejandro Paul by simple song. Paul is the type designer behind Feel Script and one of the founders of Sudtipos. He has some beautiful type experiments amongst his photos so it is a must see.

Alejandro Paul 02

When I was finished browsing I started clicking through his groups was led to all kinds of other fun things. By way of the typo.graphy pool, I found the work of Chris Piasik, who has lots of great typographic prints available on his etsy shop.
Chris Piasik

I also clicked over to the Typography and Lettering pool, where I found letrerias, who is an amazing calligraphic artist. Make sure to also check out her personal site. The text is in Spanish so I couldn’t read much, but the calligraphy is absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks to simple song for the original find!


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