Owl Scouts

Owl Scouts is a truly epic photo series by Todd Baxter. As Photo Awards explains:

The photo series follows the misadventures of a young boy and girl who belong to a fictional organization – the Boys and Girls Owl Scouts of America, or Owl Scouts. In the series, the children are lost deep in the woods and are faced with several challenges: an owl burrow, a river, a tornado, and a bear. Each challenge is met with failure and ultimately the demise of the two scouts.

Be sure to click over and view the rest of the images—it is very much worth a look.

In order to create these images, Baxter also enlisted the help of Debbie Carlos (embroidery) and Anders Nilsen (design/illustration) to create the patches featured on the children’s uniforms. Which, in addition to looking awesome, help to tell the story throughout the series.

via Debbie Carlos


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