Monday Quick Links: 06.27.11

First of all, I can’t do this week’s Quick Links without mentioning that New York finally passed the Marriage Equality Bill—woohoo! It was also incredibly serendipitous that the announcement was made during Pride Week and when the Empire State Building…

Color Happy 134

I stopped in my tracks when I spotted Megumi Goto’s colorful illustration work on Flickr. I thought this piece in particular, which depicts Lilikoi (passion fruits), would make an excellent Color Happy post for this week.

Student Spotlight: Lisa Schneller

Check out this recent project by Lisa Schneller, a current student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Marvelous Mischief Makers is a fictional convention for villains, “ComicCon for the bad guys,” and the campaign features everything from…

Base Art Co. Posters

Base Art Co. has always excelled at creating unique poster designs. They lack the grittiness that so many gig posters seem to embody in favor of a sleek sophistication, which really makes them stand out from the pack. Here are…

Type Love 147: Beluccia

Beluccia is a new script by calligrapher Debi Sementelli that includes a whole set of stylistic alternates, swashes, flourishes, borders and ornaments. Check it out and pick it up for yourself MyFonts.

disperse 2011

The graphics students from Arts University at Bournemouth have just launched a site to showcase the work for their year-end show. Titled Disperse 2011, they’ve also created some gorgeous print materials—including a laser cut poster—to commemorate the event. Also be…

Recent Grad: Laura Tait

Laura Tait is a recent grad of Brigham Young University with quite a bit of experience under her belt, including a stint at Martha Stewart Living, and a collaborative role in FontShop’s Meet Your Type publication.

Owen Davey: Royal Plateful

In response to the fuss surrounding the Royal Wedding, Orange: The Feed, asked Owen Davey to create a series of plates to commemorate the “not-so-special moments of the general public.” So they put a call out on twitter for submissions,…

Daniel Kornrumpf: Embroidered Portraits

Unfortunately, I don’t get away from the computer as much as I would like, so I greatly admire people that make things with their hands on a daily basis. Case in point, Daniel Kornrumpf, who created these amazing hyper-realistic, embroidered…

Jan Avendano: The Same But Different

The Same But Different is an ongoing series based off one underlying grid structure and made into individual pieces through the reinterpretation of said structure, colour and shape. By Jan Avendano. via The Fox is Black