Circuit Gallery

It’s great to see so many people trying to get contemporary art in the hands of the public in a more affordable way. We’ve seen this with 20×200, Tiny Showcase, and others. And now, Circuit Gallery has arrived onto the scene. Here’s how their site works:

Circuit Gallery represents an important new way of buying and selling contemporary art. Our mission and model are simple. We want to make interesting, significant, quality, contemporary art more accessible by making it more affordable ($30, $60, $120). We are able to do this by selling the work in relatively large editions (our editions are generally limited to 500). In essence we have inverted the conventional and more exclusive art world formula of high prices for small editions or unique objects (needless to say prohibitive for most).

By offering works in larger editions we are able to effectively keep the cost of the work low, while simultaneously being a viable and attractive option for serious contemporary artists. Circuit Gallery is fundamentally artist-centered and is conceived as a complement to conventional gallery (or dealer) representation; an alternative means to circulate great work to a wider audience.

At first glance it looks like Circuit Gallery has quite a lot to offer, but these photographs by Alejandro Cartagena particularly caught my eye.


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