Quick Links: 02.28.14

Did anyone not fall in love with Mayhem this week? If you’re not familiar, Mayhem is an adorable, ultra creative four-year-old who makes dresses out of paper with her Mom. You can check out more of her creations on Instagram or fashionbymayhem.com.

Pentagram Rebrands The Tonight Show For Jimmy Fallon

If you are patient (not one of my strengths), you can apparently see a shooting star in the background animation of Henry Modisett’s (a product designer at Quora) new site. Either way, really cool.

Who else is obsessed with True Detective? It’s perfectly dark, moody and tension-filled. The acting is incredible, and so are the titles, as evidenced by Art of the Title’s excellent article featuring the commentary of Creative Director Patrick Clair.

I’m loving These are Things’s new Golden Script Maps.

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