Quick Links: 03.21.14

Quick Links: 03.21.14 / Kevin Russ / on Design Work Life

The VSCO Artist Initiative is a “$100,000 USD scholarship fund providing artists the resources to pursue their creative vision.” More info here.

I came across two interesting Tumblrs this week: Wes Anderson Palettes and Humanæ, which showcases a series of portraits whose backgrounds match the subject’s skintone to a Pantone swatch.

I loved reading Cameron Moll’s AMA on Layer Vault’s Designer News this week.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Apple’s new app Healthbook pans out in iOS 8. So far the previews are intriguing.

Good reads: The Common Elements of Good StorytellingThe 5 Assumptions That Will Sabotage Your Client Work, Are We Thinking About Digital All Wrong?



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