Quick Links: 04.04.14

Quick Links: 04.04.14 / Austin Kleon / on Design Work Life

I really enjoyed this week’s interview with Austin Kleon on The Great Discontent.

This video showing how lettering is painted on city streets is pretty surprising. I never took the time to think about what the process might be before now, but I never would have guessed this was the way. via Kottke

FontShop is working on a new website, and they’re bringing us along for the ride. Here are their initial thoughts.

There was a lot of noise this week about a high school student who proclaimed that the U.S. government could save hundreds of millions of dollars each year just by switching their typeface to Garamond. Thomas Phinney wrote a really interesting response.

IXD Checklist is a helpful tool that can be used to keep yourself on track while working through interaction design projects.

Between the written content, and the page’s engaging design, I loved reading theĀ Teehan+Lax story about their work for Prismatic, an app that provides a home for all your interests.