Recent Grad: Christine McMahon

Philadelphia’s Tyler School of Art seems to be producing one talented designer after another—we’ve posted about a few of their students from the program in recent months. Christine McMahon, a recent graduate of the program, is no exception. I’m especially impressed with her packaging work, which is colorful, creative and far more sophisticated than much of the packaging I see in stores on a daily basis. Check out the rest of her work right here.

Carni Corn


Diablo Salsa


Nefertiti Soaps


  1. The packaging is very eye-catching. I can almost taste the salsa flavors and smell the body soap just by looking at the packaging!

  2. That’s my alma mater! Some of the best design students in the country! (also grads like: Paula Scher, guys from The Heads of State, Ken Barber of House Industries, and Jess Hische)

  3. I’m Stephen A. Latanishen, founder and CEO of Carni-Corn. I would like to take a moment to laud Miss McMahon for her brilliant reworking of our packaging & Logo— since Christine took over our account we’ve seen a 1200% increase in demand for Carni-Corn! Even after noting the risk of female consumers growing facial hair in copious amounts! She’s brilliant! Insightful! And entirely comfortable while surrounded by Carni-folk. Needless to say I recommend her services highly.

  4. Excellent work !

    I’ve seen Christine’s work before and it is amazing. All of her projects are unique and eye catching.

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