Renegade Update

So unfortunately I don’t really have any pictures from Renegade on Sunday. The weather was not so great—glad I remembered an umbrella—but there was some great stuff to be seen. I didn’t buy very much but I did make note of several new-to-me artists whose sites I wanted to check out later. And when I did the research I found that all of them have etsy shops, which coincide with an etsy favorites post a planned to do today. Perfect. So here’s five artists I discovered at the fair and a link to a favorite item in their shops.

Fondue Arts & Design, home accessories decoupaged with vintage wallpaper
Fondue Arts & Design
They also have a cute kids shop you can check out here.

Messenger Bird Press, letterpress stationery
Messenger Bird Press
You can also find them here.

KG + AB, ceramics

Sofia Masri, porcelain jewelry
Sofia Masri

Fern Animals, miniature plush animals

Unfortunately her shop is empty right now so no link here; but keep an eye on her blog for more info. You can also find her work here and here.


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