1. Great photography and a great identity. Well put together. Love the black and white only approach to, not only, the work, but also the photography of the work.

  2. Great idea basing a logo off the old Nazi Party eagle… oh hang on no it’s a terrible idea.

  3. John,
    Why don’t you leave us a URL so we can see the kind of work you do? If you’re going to bad mouth someone, you better back it up with some quality work. By the way, since when did the Nazis get exclusive rights to the eagle?

  4. This seems to be getting a little out of hand. I love a good discussion, but let’s be nice people!

    The eagle isn’t only a graphic used in the Nazi era, it is also a traditional American symbol. And being that this is a U.S. based business‚ that cited “Americana” as an influence, no less—I highly doubt the former was the designer’s inspiration.

  5. […] read it, for inspiration at the very least. And then I googled Richie and found that he has been blogged about quite often as of late. No surprise there, his work his great. So to pick a few things that perhaps […]

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