Robert Finkel: Up, Down, Left, Right Exhibition

For his thesis project, Robert Finkel chose to produce an exhibition based on the history of the arrow, entitled Up, Down, Left, Right. Here’s a brief description in his own words:

The image of the arrow is nearly everywhere we look. It suggests and controls the movement of information, people, and machines. However, the use of the arrow as a symbol is believed to be less than four hundred years old. Up, Down, Left, Right explores the ubiquity, influence, and variety of arrows within our visual culture. The exhibit consists of four main sections: a printed booklet titled, Up, Down, Left, Right: A Brief History, a collection of eighty photographs and thirty silkscreen prints of arrows found throughout the region, a display of visitor contributed arrow artifacts, and a comparative anatomy of the three main parts of arrow: the tail, the shaft, and the head.

You can find more background information as well as more images of the exhibition and the pieces that compose it on Robert’s site.

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