Room Corporation

This series of self-promotional papers created by Room Corporation can also be downloaded from their website.

Room Corporation 01

Room Corporation 02

Room Corporation 03

From CA: “We came up with a substitute for our corporate brochure that hadn’t given us the results we wanted: more new clients. So we created a cost-effective and re-adaptable newsletter for each season, following Milan’s fashion calendar. It’s a sophisticated blend of good taste and chutzpah that expresses the heart of who we are, what we offer and our recent work.” 4 pages, 26 x 18.5, 4-color, plus 2 hits of PMS, 5 folds.


Courtney is the founder of Design Work Life and Seamless Creative, a small design studio she runs with her husband Brian. She now splits her time between developing brand identities for small businesses and soaking up (and passing along) as much inspiration as she possibly can.

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