SB Studio: The Brink Identity and Collateral

Check out this identity developed by SB Studio for The Brink, which is a dry bar in the UK. I absolutely love the punchy graphics and the degree of interest they’ve established using only two colors.

Inventing a brand that has a voice, one with style, swagger and a wry smile. One that would engage anyone in the city — not just those recovering from addiction. The Brink is Liverpool’s first dry bar. Formed by Action on Addiction, its fundamental aim was to create a place where those recovering from addiction can go and socialise, attend events, or just hang out — without the temptation of anything stronger than coffee.

The brief was to build a lively, celebratory, positive brand. No earnest messaging about the dangers of addiction or the joys of sobriety, instead, a brand with energy. In its visual and verbal identity, it doesn’t dwell on the ‘dry’ aspect, but includes it as an element within a much broader, richer personality.

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