Shine a Light

As previously mentioned, this week I’ve taken off to the Outer Banks for a much-needed vacation. And lucky for me, I’ve got some great blogger friends who agreed to guest post while I’m gone. The last blogger you’ll be hearing from is Dylan of OK Great.

I have a serious aversion to floor lamps-don’t ask me why, they just bother me.  So, I’m always on thhunt for an interesting table lamp.  One of our readers from Rezon in Tokyo sent in some shots of a new lamp series they’ve released and mmm, mmm, I’m into it.


The lamps are painted with one image on the interior and a different image on the exterior.  When the lamp is turned off, only the exterior image is visible.  Flip the switch and, surprise, the exterior + interior images combine to reveal each lamp’s glowing secret.



Little, geometric lamps and secrets?  Yes, Please.