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I am one of those people who is constantly looking for ways to streamline my work processes. One of the things I’m always seeking is an all-in-one app that will help me to manage my business, so on my search Solo is one of the apps I’ve tested. Now I am incredibly particular, and am really looking for something robust that will allow me to manage financial accounts, invoice, estimate, and manage contacts, projects and tasks seamlessly. I have yet to find anything that perfectly meets my requirements, so for me, Solo is missing some features I would like. But regardless of whether or not the app fits my personal needs, there is no denying that the interface is absolutely gorgeous and a pleasure to use. And for a freelancer who has a less complicated wishlist, it is really an amazing solution. To see for yourself, you can get a 14 day trial right here.


  1. Oh man, isn’t Solo gorgeous? I wanted so hard to make Solo work for me, but like you, I am pretty particular, and it just didn’t cut it. I’m hoping one day I’ll revisit, and it will magically (and beautifully) be everything I need!

  2. Hi Alison,

    Im pleased you like the look of our app. We are working tirelessly everyday to make Solo even better. Im confident that one day you’re wish will come true and it will be everything it is now and more!

    Thanks for checking us out.

  3. Love the layout and the interface. Just absolutely gorgeous. I’m a big proponent of ActionMethod. Although, they don’t have the billing and all that involved. QB Online is so integrated and easy, it’s hard to beat.

  4. So what features are you looking for that Solo lacks?

    With a quick glance the interface is obviously beautiful as you have mentioned, but I don’t see a fault, though I have not ran it through the 14-day trial yet.

    I’m looking into it and at base level it seems to have the functionality that I would need. Just wanted to see what you thought it was missing.

    – Connor

  5. I’ve been using Solo since I went freelance 2 months ago and apart from a few little niggles I really love it – and the beauty of the interface makes me overlook its flaws!

  6. I’m also interested in what you think Solo lacks? I’m trying out a few different management apps for freelance, and I’d love to hear more details.

  7. If this thread is still going…I’m using the 14 day trial and while it is beautiful it is a bit finicky…Action Method would be my choice if it had quotes & invoicing. AM is super clear and clean and the overview aspect of it is much easier to read. However Solo tracks all your numbers which is invaluable…will there ever be one that has everything :)

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