Spoonful of Sugar

I’m so excited about this next project that designer Leen Sadder, a graduate student in the SVA Designer as Author program, conceptualized. For Stefan Sagmeister’s class, “Can design touch someone’s heart?”, Leen chose to dress up as Mary Poppins and escort umbrella-less New Yorkers across the street on a rainy day. How great is that? In addition to the idea being pretty damn smart, she also adorned the umbrella with some beautifully hand-lettered lyrics to A Spoonful of Sugar. You can check out a few more images of the process and results right here.

Leen also handed out chocolate-dipped spoons, tagged with the message, “Sometimes all you need is a spoonful of sugar.”

Additionally, the Spoonful of Sugar project has a facebook page where some recipients commented about their experiences.

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