Standard Grit

Standard Grit Flags are 100% hand-made, and produced in limited-editions. Released seasonally, we produce three new decorative flags four times a year. Each release has a loose common theme, and feature distinctive phrases that might serve as a call to arms, a gentle reminder or simple conversation fodder. All of the flags show our affinity for southern vernacular and vintage or hand-rendered typography.

There’s such an abundance of high quality hand lettering floating around the web these days. And while I still find it incredibly inspiring, it’s refreshing to see it applied to a medium with a true sense of craftsmanship and history. I haven’t held one of these in my hands, but from the photos the stitching and handmade details look beautifully rich and textural. You can pick up one of the three current designs while they last right here.


Courtney is the founder of Design Work Life and Seamless Creative, a small design studio she runs with her husband Brian. She now splits her time between developing brand identities for small businesses and soaking up (and passing along) as much inspiration as she possibly can.

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