Starbucks Vivanno

Vivanno 01

I’m a bit of a Starbucks addict—when it comes to their drinks and their design. I’m always tempted to buy a bag of their coffee just for the packaging. Last week I noticed the in-store graphics for their new Vivanno Smoothies and did a little bit of research. There’s been some buzz in the business world about the new addition, as to whether or not they will bring Starbucks the boost they need to improve sales. But of course I’m more interested in the design, which fits perfectly into the look and feel Starbucks has developed over the years. Love the colors and illustration style.

Vivanno 02

They’ve also launched another set of beverages exclusively available in the Los Angeles area, called Sorbetto. I wish it was available in New York so I could check out the design in person. But from what I can see, it doesn’t disappoint. Beautiful color palette and typography.

Photography: Michael Ramirez (top), Lori Shepler (bottom), LA Times”


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