States of Matter Holiday Promotions

States of Matter has a tradition of sending out creative holiday promotions to their clients. Below you can get some insight into their thinking straight from Henry Yiu himself, as well as images of their promotions from the last four years. Enjoy!


Yiu Studio’s holiday promotions go above and beyond what’s normal in a holiday card. These exceptionally thought-out designs create a complete and highly memorable gift-giving experience that beg to be picked up and explored with a fine eye. The attention to details as well as the stories behind these gifts create a sense of excitement, encouraging the recipient to fully embrace every aspect of the package.

2012: Snake Fortune

For this year’s holiday gift, we wanted to celebrate the year of the snake from the Chinese zodiac. Through our design we tell the story of our make-believe-adventure to attain magical venom as our gift to our clients & friends.

The details: Thermography and offset printing

Yiu_Studio_Holiday_2_1 Yiu_Studio_Holiday_3_1 Yiu_Studio_Holiday_4_1 Yiu_Studio_Holiday_5_1 Yiu_Studio_Holiday_6_1


2011: Modern Chinese Zodiac

For our 2011 promo, we decided to embrace Chinese New Year, since for 2012 it was set at the end of January. Our idea was to create a modern Chinese zodiac and give our clients a gift that they can reuse and share with their friends and families.

The Details: Letterpress, embossing, stamping & offset printing.

Yiu_Studio_Holiday_7_1 Yiu_Studio_Holiday_8_1 Yiu_Studio_Holiday_9_1


2010: Zen

For our 2010 holiday experience, we wanted to remind our friends and family to take a moment and enjoy. So we designed an experience to feel calming and zen-like in the form of dove teabags contained in simple and elegant packaging.

The Details: Handmade dove teabags & Letterpress printing

Yiu_Studio_Holiday_10_1 Yiu_Studio_Holiday_11_1 Yiu_Studio_Holiday_12_1


2009: Fortune Teller

For our first holiday experience, we wanted create a gift that reminded our clients of our over-the-top creativity and be something they would keep on their desk. We also didn’t want to create a “normal” card, so we came up with a multi-layered card experience that screamed open me and play. We designed our version of a fortune teller and for the copy, we wrote snarky comments in the tone of your favorite Chinese take out restaurant.

Yiu_Studio_Holiday_13_1 Yiu_Studio_Holiday_14_1 Yiu_Studio_Holiday_15_1


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