Stout San Francisco

This morning I’m pleased to introduce you to Stout, the brand new San Francisco-based studio of Ryan Meis (who you may know from Lab Partners) and Brian Gunderson. They already have a solid portfolio of work together, some of which you can see below. Here’s a bit more about who they are:

Stout is a multidisciplinary creative studio in San Francisco founded by Brian Gunderson and Ryan Meis. Visual thinkers from design and illustration backgrounds, they applied their craft in leading design studios and advertising agencies, learning the art of story from some of the best people in the business. Whether it’s through art direction or design they aspire to create work that is distinctive and compelling. Able to tackle projects ranging in scope from boutique-style packaging to massive multi-media blitzes, Stout’s client experience is vast and varied, including small upstarts, large corporations and ad agencies.







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