Student Spotlight: Sarah Mick

For her senior project, University of Wisconsin student Sarah Mick branded the proposed high-speed railway for Wisconsin together with Christopher Paul. Called The Redline, the project features identity design, tickets, posters and even an iPhone app. Sarah has been posting various pieces on her Flickr account, so keep an eye out for more.


  1. Great-looking design, but you know what bothers me? That the woman is traveling in style while the man has made a smart business decision. I know we’re all supposed to be caught up in “Mad Men” fever these days, but I don’t think sexism needs to be making a comeback.

  2. @visualingual – Hey! I’m really glad you said that, actually. We toiled over that verbiage decision for a really long time trying to decide whether it would come off as literal or as a sort of tongue-in-cheek reference to the rigid gender expectations of the 50’s. In the end, we decided to go with the latter. I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment and actually study feminism as a part of my other major. Anyway – just wanted to hit you back and let you know that it was intended as a joke/critique on the past – but it’s definitely something for me to consider in the future if this piece would go into any further development!

    Thanks everyone else for the lovely comments!

  3. Sarah, I’m really glad to hear that. I guess the tongue-in-cheek nuance was lost on me; what about flipping the text between the two posters? In any case, this a cool project, and I’m glad to see you tweaking historical aesthetics [and values]!

  4. @visualingual — Hey, thanks for the reply! It’s funny you say that because I have been thinking about this since I read your comment and flipping the two lines is exactly what we should have done, and it would clearly communicate the meaning, too! I’m going to swap them, actually, when I post the work on my own site. Great suggestion :)

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