Student Work: Januar Rianto: Fire Of Each Other

As a student project, Januar Rianto, designed and produced an artist’s book for Robert Montgomery (whose work I’ve featured¬†previously), entitled Fire of Each Other. Here’s what Januar has to say about the process and thinking behind the project:
He [Robert Montgomery] vandalized advertising billboards to put up his poetry in order to provide the audience (common people) with a physiological reflection. My take was to highlight his working process. I literally vandalized his work (poems) and put everything on top of them. To highlight his act of being anonymous, a very long poem designed in the gutter on every page of the book, goes unnoticed. And when 6 particular spreads of the book are laid out and arranged in order, it reveals a billboard-like poster that spells his most famous poem. Combined both considered (as poet) and rough (as street artist) manner of his working process.

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