Student Work: Molly Weber: Bridesmade Identity and Collateral

Molly Weber created these beautiful laser cut pieces as a student at Academy of Art University. The pieces were designed to promote Bridesmade, a fictional bridal expo focusing on handmade weddings.


  1. I’m sure he was an influence. But are you insinuating some of this work was copied in any way? I take plagiarism accusations very seriously as I don’t want to inadvertently promote it or unnecessarily accuse anyone of it, so if you have a specific source please let me know. However, I don’t think just because one person works in paper cuts as a medium that another person can’t also do so, as long as the designer puts their own spin on it. Also I think it’s important to keep in mind that this is student work and it needs to be judged in a different way than work that is being produced commercially.

  2. Papercut art always reminds me of my great grandmother. She cut her designs by hand on thin, red paper and the symmetry and detail were amazing. I love this project not only for its design, but also as an event concept. Even though I don’t plan on getting married again any time soon, handmade weddings are some of my favorites.

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