Tall Tales

Like I’ve said before, Duffy & Partners consistently produces great work. So I was excited to learn yesterday that they recently completed an identity project for a new restaurant (an area of design I’m particularly interested in).

Tall Tales-Real Food restaurant is a part of Gander Mountain, “the nation’s largest retail network of stores for fishing, hunting, outdoor lifestyle, camping, and marine apparel, products and services”. The in-store restaurants were created with the goal of attracting more women and increasing shopping time in mind. Duffy participated in all aspects of the branding process beginning with naming the restaurant.

From the press release:

Duffy explains how his firm and Gander Mountain created the restaurant name, Tall Tales–Real Food, to further support the overall experience. “The name is creative take on the tradition of the art of storytelling that accompanies many outdoor sports such as fishing, hunting and camping,” said Duffy. “The tagline, ‘Real Food’, serves as a counterpoint and is the basis behind the menu—pizzas, salads and sandwiches made with fresh ingredients, served in smart portions.”

Duffy & Partners created an identity that delivers a sense of discovery and wit, through the thoughtful design of both negative and positive spaces. The environment transitions from the energetic retail feel of the Gander Mountain store to a modern interpretation of the American lodge, inspired by simple elements, artfully designed—logs and timbers, dry stacked stone, leather upholstery and big dramatic windows. The warmth of the open fire pizza oven invites guests to pull up a chair, draw a frosty mug, tell their tales and plan the purchases for upcoming escapades.

Like a weekend in the country, the environment provides an opportunity to chill out, relax and get re-energized. Retailers are pulling out all the stops to attract shoppers and their families and keep them in their stores longer. Welcome to the age of “retail-tainment.”

I haven’t found too much info online to supplement the Duffy press release (a little bit here) and I only have these couple of images so far. Looks like another really great piece of work from Duffy & Partners though. I’ll definitely update if I find any more.


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