The GOOD Sheet No.2 and other GOOD stuff

GOOD Magazine released the second GOOD Sheet—Bill of Health—yesterday. Again, click on the image below to see the full size version. (By the way I finally found last week’s sheet in my local Starbucks today, so I think they’re running a little behind schedule in some stores.)


Good Sheet No. 2 01


Also, a new series—GOOD Conversations—will be debuting in New York on September 23rd, and continuing bimonthly in both New York and Los Angeles. The inaugural topic, Mavericks of Education, will feature a discussion with several influential panelists. Click here for more details.

Good Conversations

And on a third note, check out this original video by Max Joseph and Chris Weller. “Choose Your Vice” breaks down some of the facts about both Vice Presidential candidates in a visually interesting way.

Choose Your Vice

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