The Textures of Alcatraz

While in San Francisco, we took the requisite tour of Alcatraz. I actually wasn’t really that into it initially, but it turned out to be pretty amazing. Aside from the history of it all, I was really impressed by the architecture on the island. I didn’t really know much about Alcatraz before visiting, so I was unaware that the island involved anything more than the prison structure. I, of course, soon found out there was much more to it than that. And as we explored all that was there, I noticed how the weathered and decaying buildings lent themselves to some really amazing textures. So aside from the cool scenery and prison details, I found myself taking a ton of pictures of the textures I noticed, figuring they could come in handy later. If there’s any interest, I’ll post these images for download at their full size. Just leave a comment.

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