TOKY: Texts in the City Gala invitation

This stunningly beautiful invitation was designed by TOKY for the St. Louis Library Foundation’s annual gala. Here’s a little insight into the process and concept straight from the source:

“This year’s invitation was especially challenging, since the theme we were working with seemed to lead down the route of a simple “Sex In The City” parody. Instead, our designer Mary Rosamond came up with a wonderfully clever way to take real literary texts and weave them together into an evocative passage about a gala party under the stars in a faraway sparkling city. The passage is paired with illustrations handcrafted from bits of found book and advertising ephemera. Mary designed a custom accordion fold, “so that it would look like you were turning through the pages of the books quoted in the story, make you feel like you were entering into the story, with characters coming to life on the pages.


Click on the two images below for a closer look at the full invitation.

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