Trigger Communications Advent Calendar

As a kid, my brothers and I used to get one of those vintage style chocolate advent calendars every year, which was pretty much my favorite thing about Christmas. And to this day, the sight of any sort of advent calendar brings up tons of childhood memories. So as you can imagine, I was thrilled to get a glimpse at the client gift that Trigger Communications developed this holiday season, a decidedly modern take on the tradition. So so awesome.

Creative Credits:
Art Director / Designer: Jonathan Herman, Shauna Luedtke
Copywriter: Jordan Lawson
Creative Director: Todd Blevins, Patrick Doyle


  1. I have the same fond childhood memories of advent calenders myself. I also think this is so brilliant from a design perspective- it’s interactive and reminds the client for 25 days of your presence… what could be better? Also love the color choice of hot pink. Win!

  2. Love the design (great impact)in a concise presentation. I’m sure that these boxes will be used yearly because they are so well done.

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