Ty Mattson: Homeland-Inspired Vintage Record Covers

If you’re not already watching Homeland, you should be. Plain and simple, it’s just great TV. What’s also great—better than great, really—is this new self-initiated project by Ty Mattson. Inspired by the series as a favorite of his, as well as by the recurring jazz music theme employed throughout, he created this series of Homeland-inspired vintage record cover designs. Get a closer look right here.

tymattson_homelandcovers_01 tymattson_homelandcovers_02 tymattson_homelandcovers_03 tymattson_homelandcovers_04 tymattson_homelandcovers_05 tymattson_homelandcovers_06 tymattson_homelandcovers_07 tymattson_homelandcovers_08 tymattson_homelandcovers_09 tymattson_homelandcovers_10 tymattson_homelandcovers_11 tymattson_homelandcovers_12 tymattson_homelandcovers_13

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