Type Love 174: Marian

Even though it’s only January, I would venture a guess that Marian will be at the very top of my Favorite fonts of 2011 list a year from now. Designed by Paul Barnes and distributed by Commercial Type, Marian “imagines the classics of the typographic canon reinvented for the contemporary world: Garamond, Granjon, van den Keere, Kiš, Fleischmann, Fournier, Baskerville, Bodoni and Austin restyled and revived.” I cannot wait to get my hands on this one.

Image via Typedia


  1. I just started my cupcake and bag business and I’m am trying to create a logo. I really like your fonts! How can I create a logo, by using one of your fonts?
    Thanks so much,

  2. Hi Sarah. None of the fonts are “mine”. They can all be found for purchase at the links within the posts. Creating a logo isn’t a process that I can explain in a couple of sentences as there is quite a bit of skill and thought involved. I would suggest looking for a local designer in your area to help you out.

  3. Hi Chelsea, The featured type specimen shows different cuts of Marian, so the lines of type you’re referring to are all part of that same typeface. You can find it at Commercial Type through the link in the post.

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