Type Love 2: Parry and Parry Grotesque

I subscribe to quite a few email newsletters, some of which are dedicated entirely to type. Yesterday I received the Font Shop newsletter highlighting some new typefaces in their shop, and I always love at least a few of them. This particular newsletter was highlighting some new work from OurType, a foundry that consistently produces great work. (They have a gorgeous website by the way, lots of huge beautiful typography.) These are clearly out of my busget at the moment, but here are my latest obsessions…

Parry and Parry Grotesque

Sansa, Sansa Soft and Sansa Slab

It’s tough to choose which typefaces to choose from my ridiculously long list, especially since I’m finding new ones all the time. So I definitely think I’ll make this topic a weekly (or so) occurrence, maybe more.

Imagery from the Font Shop newsletter, which you can view in it’s entirety here.

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