Valerie Jar: National Park Stamp Icons

Valerie Jar recently developed this series awesome of stamp icons for the National Parks by National Geographic app, an interactive guide to the U.S.’s national parks. The app, which was built by Rally Interactive, can be downloaded here. Below you can see a couple of examples of how you see the icons within the app as well.


  1. Beautiful icons! However, Arches was established in 1929 (as a national monument).

  2. […] Growing up, my family would take a cross country drive every other year to visit my dad’s side of the family. We’ve driven from home to Oklahoma in 24 hours, 23 hours to South Dakota. Along the way we stop at the sights. One vacation I remember fondly as the vacation of rocks… we saw Bryce Canyon, Zion, Bridges, and stopped at every rock on the side of the road too. When I saw this new app for the National Parks by National Geographic, I got really excited! What a fun way to keep track of your travels! Besides that, the icon design by Valerie Jar is so the right amount of whimsical character and bold simplicity. I would definitely be excited to collect these digital stamps. Found via designworklife. […]

  3. Thanks for the nice comments! The dates on all of the stamps are the years when each park was established (or redesignated) as a national park. All of the parks will be available in future app updates!

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