Violation Report

VIOLATIONREPORT.COM provides a bulletin board for the public shaming of discourteous people to procure a community that is more aware of the people around them. It is an entertaining outlet for stress that can be used to popularize the consideration of others and shame inattention and thoughtlessness.

Strangers can drive us crazy sometimes with their negligence to others. Violation Report is a place for you to document that person for their disrespect or general rudeness. Just take a picture with your camera or phone and file a report on the website. Your picture and story will help to create a reference guide of people who deserve to be publicly shamed for their behavior. Tell you’re friends.

Here’s an example of one of the manuals:

As a daily subway passenger, I can completely relate to all of these violations, and I’ve often wished for something like this to scold offenders with. I’m looking forward to seeing the other manuals as they’re posted. To get started, here’s some quick links:
Download Manuals
Watch the Video
Download Tickets
Report Violations


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