Wallace Design House Revisited

I just took another look at Wallace Design House’s photostream (originally posted about designer Dustin Wallace here), and there’s lots of awesome new stuff to see; including these custom letters he created for his new son Asher…

and these vintage-inspired paint can labels.


  1. A for Ant, R for Robin, E for Earthworm, H for Hare… I get it. But what’s that on the S?

    S for… s#!t?

  2. This stuff kicks a**! BUT “safe to breath” might need an edit… on that one paint can… jus’ sayin…

  3. Hi. I did correct the “breath” to “breathe” :) (see my flickr site) I’m flattered to get recognition like this. Thank you designworklife for posting about me. It means a lot.

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