Wooden Letters

Last week I stumbled upon this really great resource for reasonably-priced wooden letters, Discount Lettering Brands. I’m always on the lookout for a source where you can buy unfinished letters rather than paying exorbitant prices for finished versions in stores. Discount lettering brands allows you to select your letterforms from a pretty extensive list of fonts, choose your desired height and thickness. They are available in various woods, for either indoor or outdoor use. And if you’re interested in other materials, Discount Sign Letters (which appears to be part of the same company) offers a bigger variety from aluminum to stainless steel to pvc.

I ordered a couple of Helvetica letters in birch last week, and I haven’t gotten around to painting them yet, but the quality is great (not to mention they arrived extremely quickly). Only downside I see is that it’s now going to be tough to resist covering my entire apartment in letters.

Wooden letters


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