Inspiring Instagramers: emwng

Username: emwng
Name: emily wang
Info: practicing creativity. writer for barkbox. strategic planner at mars. photographing kokoro the eskie.

As the owner of two fairly insane dachshunds (are there any other kind?), I’m always in awe of pet photography. Getting my own dogs to sit still for a photo can be a giant undertaking, so I love seeing people who can tame their pets long enough to take pictures. Especially with props. And I’m even more impressed when there is a very distinct and creative photographic style and point of view. Emily Wang’s Instagram feed encompasses all of those things: super cute pet, fun props, distinct style and overall beautiful and creative photography.

Emily is a photographer, designer, information architect, and marketing specialist, and the owner of one very photogenic American Eskimo dog named Kokoro. In addition to being a strategic planner at MARS Advertising, she is also a freelance writer for Barkbox and the official photographer for lifestyle and fashion blogger Life’s Jules. In her own words:

I have a soft spot for animals, enjoy instagram-ing my travels, spend my free time perusing tech and design blogs, and tend to doodle on anything and everything.

In addition to Kokoro, she is also becoming the owner of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the preferred breed of the British royal family, in June. I wonder if the new puppy will have his own Instagram feed, or if we’ll see Kokoro sharing the spotlight with the new pup.


I like to say that I’m a designer by day, blogger by night and photographer on the side. I started my career in package design before going into advertising, then B2B communications, a small stint back into packaging and I now work for a large digital agency. I am so lucky to get to do what I love every day, but I am always looking for creative outlets. My blog, Girly Obsessions, allows me to design something that represents me – my aesthetic and my obsessive personality! I love taking and editing photos, and am slightly addicted to Instagram and Lightroom. I also love to travel and explore. I love to bake. And most importantly, I just love to think creatively.

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