Inspiring Instagramers: nihilisten

Username: nihilisten
Name: johan andrén
Info: the people we meet. the photos we take.

I don’t know much about Johan Andrén, other than he is a creative based in Sweden. He has a blog, but even with the help of Google Translate, I still can’t figure out what’s going on. But what I do know is that his moody, urban-themed Instagram feed is striking.

He takes architectural photography to the next level, turning raw and industrial elements into abstract art. Instead of capturing an entire building, cityscape or landscape, he goes for interesting angles, cropping the subject so it shifts the viewers perspective. I am especially intrigued by his photos of staircases, which play tricks on my mind, reminding me of a modern interpretation of M. C. Escher.

Johan also plays with light and shadows, as well as reflective surfaces, which add even more dimension to his photos. From what I can tell, Johan uses the VSCO CAM app (which I still need to review!), and you can also follow his feed on their site.