Kickstarter Spotlight: JUMP Cables

Kickstarter is an amazing place for watching (and helping) innovative ideas develop into real world products. Once a month we will feature one project we think is worth your support.

This month, we are very excited by JUMP, Native Union‘s “smartphone charger that charges itself.” As someone who often finds herself with an almost-completely-dead iPhone and without an accessible charger, this product seems like the perfect solution I didn’t know existed. Not only does JUMP provide you with a compact way to neatly wind your cable, but more importantly, it allows you to add 30% more power to your phone on the go.

The video below will tell you more:






The project has already been funded almost five times over, but you still have about three weeks to get it on it for yourself. Be sure to check out all the rewards on their project page.


If this project isn’t quite your thing, there’s plenty of other great initiatives underway on Kickstarter right this minute. You may want to check out Moment, mobile photography lenses, or Blub, a modern retro tube clock, to start.


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