Monday Quick Links: 01.10.11

Quick Links

Good Reads: 30 Steps to Mastery, How to Get Paid What You’re Worth, In-depth: Comedy Central Re-brand, The Six by André Mora.

What do you think of Starbucks recent brand evolution? Last week PSFK published a great write-up on the change, as well as an interview with the Senior Design Manager, Mike Peck.

Pentagram has a brand-spanking-new website. I’m loving the clean interface.

You Work for Them revealed their top fonts of 2010.

I loved seeing this studio tour of Hatch Design and Jack Cellars by Eight Hour Day. Looks like such a great place to work.

Pursuit of Radness is an awesome wallpaper designed by Marc Johns for Etsy.

David Carson returns to print.

I think I’m late to the game on this, but I just discovered the videos from this year’s Build Conference on vimeo. Some great stuff there.

Sharing My Ideas Makes them Better is a student project by Michael Croxton.

If you’re in the San Diego area, Phonography sounds like it’ll be a great show.


  1. I feel like the Michael Croxton “Sharing My Ideas Makes Them Better” Project is a blatant rip off of Stefan Sagmeister. Even the name of the project is ripped off. Things I have learned, that is just a shortened version of Steven’s Latest book, “Things I have learned in my life thus far”. Right down to creating a separate image for every word in the phrase. I’m all for getting inspiration but not for copying others work.

  2. Hi Mikey, I should have given more context in the post (didn’t just because it was for quick links)…the project was actually done for Stefan Sagmeister’s class in the SVA MFA program so it most was definitely based off Sagmeister’s project. Here’s a link to where I first read about it Favors for Favors

  3. AH! Now that makes sense! lol I was so worried that someone would just rip it off. Thanks for clarifying this for me. :)

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