Monday Quick Links: 01.17.11

Quick Links

In case you missed it, Should I work for Free is a new—and useful—infographic by Jessica Hische.

Loving the new sites for Creative Mornings and CSA Design.

I will definitely be pre-ordering the new Live Now book by Eric Smith.

Pompadour is available as a set of free, vector numerals and as a font by Andy Mangold.

Loving this modern silkscreened NYC map by These Are Things.

Screenfunk is a new site  that curates iPhone, iPad and desktop wallpapers.

1200 posters just released the third poster in their series, by Victo Ngai.

I’ve loved the new Comedy Central brand from the beginning, so I was excited to Fonts in Use take a closer look at the details. Check it out here.

Good Reads: 10 Simple Truths Smart People Forget, Email Etiquette for the Super Busy, An Introduction to Intellectual Property, Be brilliant at the basics.


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