Monday Quick Links: 02.22.10

Quick Links

My favorite recent find, Fav4, let’s you pick your 4 favorite sites and use it as your browser start page. They have quite an extensive list to choose from, but if one of your faves is missing you can email them to make a recommendation. via swissmiss

Flaunt is a new publication from Under Consideration that examines the design of creative portfolios. It’s available as a hard copy as well as a PDF download. Very cool.

Font Aid IV: Coming Together is a typeface that consists entirely of ampersands. The proceeds from the typeface will go to Doctors Without Borders for the relief efforts in Haiti.

Make your own Scout books.

Great minimalist packaging.

The Best of FontFonts on the Web, Part 1

Collaboration: the Heads of State is an AIGIA NY event that I will definitely be attending.

Jessica Hische makes a great case for specializing.

All of Exergian’s Iconic TV Posters are available for sale at Blanka.



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