Monday Quick Links: 03.26.12

Pinterest has updated their Terms of ServiceAcceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy. Their recent blog post outlines the basics.

In honor of last night’s Season 5 Mad Men premiere (finally!) Eight Hour Day created this Drink Smoke Work iPhone wallpaper. Download it here.

Dan Cassaro just released his first typeface, Highway.

Two Arms designed a great new map of Brooklyn for Herb Lester Associates.

Josh Higgins recently designed this new poster for the Obama campaign, featuring a great universal message, no matter which candidate you support. It will be available in the store this week.

The People’s Pennant is a new creative project that releases one pennant a month by a different designer. So far three pennants are available from The Heads of State, Richard Perez and Ken Barber.

This new Pantone product is kind of genius—a little bit pricey for my taste but genius nonetheless. The Pantone Lighting Indicator tells you whether your ambient lighting conditions are giving you an accurate visual read of your color, ensuring a more successful color selection process.

UnderConsideration launched their first Kickstarter project with a t-shirt featuring the great Jacks of 21st Century television.

StateFace is “a font you can use in your web apps when you want tiny state shapes as a design element.”

Good Reads: One Minute with Jeff Rogers, Why Your Inner Critic is Your Best Friend, How Behance Brings Order to Crazy Creatives, Dana Tamachi on the Great Discontent.


  1. Uhmmmm, Pantone, Pantone, Pantone ;-)
    Their lighting indicator stickers are useful, but only if you don’t have a guide handy, because usually there’s a lighting indicator in every guide.
    Anyway, you can’t always have a guide with you, and a sticker is easier to bring with you, I know.

  2. Hmm really?! I’ve actually never seen one in a guide. And I just checked the ones I have now (the newest versions) and I don’t see anything. Strange, I’ll have to look into it, but thanks for the tip!

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