Monday Quick Links: 03.28.11

Quick Links

Love this stop-motion video for Rue Magazine by Trent Bailey and You + Me Life Stylists.

The Fox is Black Desktop Wallpaper Project featured Lisa Congdon’s A Collection a Day.

Good Reads: When the Client Becomes the Art Director (Full disclosure: I contributed to this.), Cure for the Common Font, Where Web Typography Goes Next.

It’s that time of year again—Hatch’s annual Easter Egg Coloring contest.

A DIY project that I will be doing in the very near future: Pantone chip magents.

I love Frank Chimero’s Classroom Rules.

NYC Type is a blog featuring all kinds of found typography in New York City.

I’m pretty sure I want almost everything from Vetted, a shop that features “a collection of goods for a modern lifestyle.”

I can’t stop looking at these gorgeous paintings by Jonathan Zawada on But Does it Float.


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