Monday Quick Links: 07.12.10

Quick Links


The internet’s latest enjoyable time-waster: Dear Blank Please Blank

Penguin 75: Designers, Authors, Commentary looks like a really interesting read (Buy it here.)

On the wish list: The Inspiration Pad (Buy it here.)

I was pretty shocked by some of the extremely negative reactions to the new Girl Scouts identity on Brand New. While I can see some of the points, I’m definitely in the camp that sees it as an improvement.

Looking forward to see more of Lookwork, Ben Pieratt’s new visual RSS reader and image-bookmarking service, when it launches in a few months.

So glad someone was able to get a good picture of this billboard, which is actually an incredible advertisement for Inception. The billboard changes every few months or so but I’ve never seen such an ingenious use of the format.

The World Cup is over as of yesterday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy this poster by David Watson. Sales of the poster will benefit Soccer Aid and UNICEF.

“Pimp your macbook” with these fun stickers.

Here’s another fun one-a-day project, Lukes Beard’s Lyric a Day.


  1. like i mentioned at brand new: my reaction to the girl scout rebranding is that it’s wrong based off my own history of being a girl scout. and that’s just a color thing, something i haven’t seen a backlash in regards to (juniors are green! cadets and seniors are a dark blue!). however, i think the main reaction of people is ‘cos they have the mentality that saul bass is a god, and we don’t mess with god’s work.

  2. Agreed. I understand a lot of the comments, and I think your point is interesting being someone who was part of the organization. But it definitely seemed like the majority of them were in the “Saul Bass is a god” camp, which just don’t get. While his work is a huge part of design history, I think it’s a stretch to claim his work can never ever be improved upon for any reason.

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