Monday Quick Links: 07.30.12

Keegan Wenkman just added an awesome new poster to her shop—an orange and black linocut for Florance and the Machine and The Walkmen’s recent Portland show. Pick it up right here.

While we’re on the subject of posters, check out this awesome pair that DKNG created for Dave Matthews Band. I’m not a huge fan myself (though I was way back in high school), but I have to say the design is pretty awesome. They’re currently sold out so you won’t find prints in the shop, but the process video alone is worth a watch.

Check out the templates that Sean Adams created for Moo’s new Luxe Business Cards: Ships Ahoy!, Sad Places, and Pattern and Colour. I’ve never used Moo myself but I’ve heard really great things.

99% becomes 99U.

Uppercase Magazine has launched a crowd funding project that will enable them to publish The Typewriter: a Graphic History of the Beloved Machine. Lend your support right here.

Media Temple put together a great video profile of Eight Hour Day.

These are Things launched a brand new site last week. Get a glimpse into their process right here.

Good Reads: Mike Monteiro on Handling ClientsGood design is invisible: an interview with iA’s Oliver ReichensteinOne More Time: Typography Is The Foundation Of Web Design.

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  1. […] Well if you have been following this blog—for even one month—you know that I love the websites that just scroll and scroll and scroll, and the illustrations move at different speeds as you go. Apparently, thanks to the These Are Things blog, I have learned that the technique is called parallax. And the brand spanking new These Are Things site utilizes parallax to show the variety of environments that the studio duo works in, from selling their illustrated maps to designing for magazines. Not only is the development of this site just amazing, the illustration work is so simple and beautifully detailed all at the same time. You really get a feel for who the team behind These Are Things are and what inspires them. Another fun detail is watching how their cats change in each scene as well. One other reason this site is so top notch is the process it took them to bring it to this quality, what a great read! Really amazing work Jen & Omar, and just since I started following your blog a week ago, I have learned so much! Thanks for the tip, designworklife! […]

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