Monday Quick Links: 10.25.10

Quick Links

Hyperactivity Typography is now available for pre-order.

Ty Mattson’s Dexter posters are now available for sale via Showtime! (Did you also see that he got to meet the cast? Pretty freaking cool.)

Good Reads: How to Have an Idea, James Victore: Don’t Be a Design Zombie, A Review of Popular Web Font Embedding Services.

Some iPhone apps I downloaded this week: Poolga Collection, Design Observer, and Instagram.

New calendars added to my wish list: The new Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar calendar and You and Me The Royal We’s oversized wall calendar.

The 1010 Project features 10 photographs taken on 10/10/10 by 10 photographers.

Loving Kate Spade’s new collaboration with the Strand.

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