BLOW: Astrobrights Papers Products

To promote the line of Astrobrights papers, Design studio BLOW developed these  bright and colorful paper products. Using a flower theme, (which originated with this earlier project) the designers developed a series of Chinese paper fans, notebooks and calendars to showcase the diversity of the paper line.

(Also be sure to check out their other work for Astrobrights, including the Flowergala event materials.)

blow_astrobrights_01 blow_astrobrights_02 blow_astrobrights_03 blow_astrobrights_04 blow_astrobrights_05 blow_astrobrights_06 blow_astrobrights_07 blow_astrobrights_08 blow_astrobrights_09 blow_astrobrights_10 blow_astrobrights_11 blow_astrobrights_12 blow_astrobrights_13 blow_astrobrights_14 blow_astrobrights_15 blow_astrobrights_16 blow_astrobrights_17 blow_astrobrights_18 blow_astrobrights_19 blow_astrobrights_20 blow_astrobrights_21 blow_astrobrights_22 blow_astrobrights_23

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