Colle + McVoy All-Set Card Set

Colle + McVoy has just released the 2011 version of he All-set Card Set, a set of eight letterpressed cards that has you covered for an entire year of major holidays. Not only are they beautifully designed, but the proceeds from each card set all benefit the United Way. And as a bonus, this year they’ve also created, where you can sign up to receive personal reminders when your cards should be sent. Such a great idea!

Creative Credits:
Client/Agency: Colle+McVoy
Executive Creative Director: Mike Caguin
Creative Technology Director: Jeffery Bennett
Designer: Sean Cooley
Copywriter: Joel Stacy
Copywriter: Lee Hanson
Interactive Producer: Braden Stadlman
Interactive Designer: Andrew Wetzel
Development: Max Thorson
Printing: Studio on Fire
Print Production: Brad Smith
Photography: Chris Peters


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