Harmonie interieure Prints

HI Posters 1

I became obsessed with these typographic designs when I saw them on the Graphic Exchange last fall. And I hadn’t visited the main site in awhile—an amazing resource for design inspiration. So when I decided to see what’s new yesterday, I was pretty psyched to see the designs offered as limited edition prints through Harmonie interieure, their newish store selling some really cool vinyl decals. (Books and other items are in the works.)

HI Posters 2

Four designs make up the series. They come in 2 different sizes—45cm x 55cm (about 18″ x 22″) and 60cm x 70cm (about 24″ x 28″)—and are priced at 29€ (about $46) and 39€ (about $62), respectively. Absolutely love them. Buy yours here.

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